ISP Reimbursement

Access important information for the ISP Reimbursement process here!

Please read all the instructions carefully and submit your request, along with the required information outlined below, along with the required attachments to


As you begin the process of requesting your ISP reimbursement, please read through and follow the instructions below:

Please note that per the full policy you must meet the following criteria to qualify for reimbursement:

  • You must have been enrolled through the end of the semester (1/24/18)
  • You must have proof of residency for your current address, and current health forms on file with the school
  • The address you list on the request for reimbursement must match the address ISPA has on file
  • You must have compliant attendance – reimbursement will not be provided for students with 3 or more unexcused absences.
  • Verifying and following up on criteria may result in a delay in payment

Please follow the outlined TWO step process:

Step #1: Please complete the online request form HERE

Step #2: Please send the following information to

  • Name of person submitting request, exactly as you typed in the online form
  • Phone number of person submitting request
  • One to two page bill that show your internet for each month. Bundled bills are permitted. There is no need to ask your provider for a breakdown of just internet cost as long as it is shown on the bill generally. A one or two page summary that includes name, address, dates of service and "internet" shown in services is sufficient.
  • It does not need to be itemized with the exact amount showing for internet.
  • If possible, condense each monthly bill to one file. We suggest using a photo/scanner app if you have a smart phone. Example: One file per month x 5 months = 5 files. A file can have multiple pages, but all pages in one month's bill will be  be combined into one file to be attached to your email.
  • Email bills to

Verifying and following up on criteria may result in a delay in payment.